Tipi tent

  • 6 persons
  • 1 bedroom

Just imagine... There is a real wood-burning stove in the middle and around it you are snuggled up. It really is a unique experience that you can enjoy with your friends or family. 

Jump back in time

During this holiday, you will experience how the Indians lived. With a diameter of 6.3 metres, there is room for 6 people to spend the night. During the day, there is even room for 10-12 people. The tipi stands on a wooden platform so that the cold does not immediately enter the tent. What are you waiting for?

Package: Fire-making workshop

  • 2-day stay (1 night)
  • Maximum 6 persons
  • 1.5-hour fire-making workshop

The tipi tent includes

  • 6 single mattresses incl. covers (please note: no duvets and pillows)
  • plenty of plaids and (seat) cushions
  • kettle incl. instant coffee and tea, sugar and milk
  • pans and cooking utensils (cooking on a general hotplate)
  • cutlery, plates, cups and glasses
  • easy chairs for outside
  • fire bowl incl. 3-post for cooking over an open fire
  • wood-burning stove incl. free firewood

Price and availablity Tipi tent